2005_04_hojo.jpgIt has happened: The Howard Johnson at Broadway and 46th Street has been sold. The Rubinstein family who owned the HoJo at 1551 Broadway for ages sold the property, plus another building on West 34th, for $100 million. The Post speculates that the new retailer will be something a little more high-end, as rumors say the buyer, Wharton Acquisitions, will level the building to create a "retail box" like the Times Square Toys R Us to make a "world-class branding opportunity" for some major brand. Hmm, maybe a Campbell's Soup Test Kitchen? A Procter & Gamble Health and Beauty Aids Emporium? What do you think will go there?

Two years ago, former NY Times food critic William Grimes made a trip to dine at Howard Johnson's - after a Post story that HoJo's would close and he wouldn't get to try another clam strip. No closing date has been set this time around, but Gothamist guesses time is running out so get your HoJo food on soon.