Earle Barranco, the suspect in the Good Stuff Diner murder last month who prefers his moneybag necklaces to be diamond-studded, was arrested earlier this week after he popped up on a JumboTron at a Charlotte Bobcats game. His clear inability to keep a low profile caught up with him, and he now faces extradition to NY to stand trial for the murder of Corey Scott, aka "Young Classik." Up till now, it's been unclear as to what the motive behind the murder was; but it seems that Barranco and Scott were partners-in-crime who had a serious falling out.

The two men allegedly ran a financial scam in NYC that had caught the eye of the FBI. They befriended bank tellers or had friends apply for jobs at banks in the city; the tellers would steal money from accounts for them, give them Social Security numbers for identity theft and cash forged corporate checks. The tellers were paid almost nothing ($50 or $60) for sticking their necks out, but Barranco and Scott were able to make up to $60,000 from the scam.

However, as it goes in every great crime movie, one of the partners got greedy—Barranco started to run his own rackets, and cut Scott out. "The suspect was starting to do this on his own and the victim said, 'Hey, whatever you do I need my cut.' That's what we think this was about," a source told the Daily News. Barranco was sitting in the Good Stuff Diner on October 23 when Scott came in to confront him about the betrayal, armed with a 9-mm. pistol. After an argument, Barranco shot him dead, and fled the city, eluding police for two weeks before being apprehended in Charlotte.