Two men who jumped into the subway tracks to get a little girl, whose father had been killed by a 4 train, were honored as heroes by Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. today. Noting how the whole incident unfolded very quickly, Diaz said of the good Samaritans, "Eat your heart Hollywood—here in the Bronx, we have Batman and Robin."

The tragedy on Monday occurred during the morning rush hour. Around 8 a.m., authorities say that Fernando Balbuena-Flores, 45, jumped onto the tracks of the Kingsbridge Road station with 5-year-old daughter Ferni as a Manhattan-bound train approached.

Balbuena-Flores was pronounced dead at the scene, but Ferni survived. First, Jairo Torres jumped down to convince her to crawl out from under the train car. Then Antonyo Love got down to help him. Video from the scene shows them bringing the girl to safety:

During the Wednesday morning ceremony the Bronx County Building, Torres and Love were thankful that Ferni was alive, but both men were still trying to process what they had been through. Torres called the incident "terrible," and said he wasn't thinking about his life, he was thinking about "the baby. To rescue the baby, the protect the baby."

Diaz gave Torres and Love Citations of Merit for their bravery. When asked about the rescue, Torres described seeing Balbuena-Flores trying to drag Ferni into the path of train. After the train struck the father, Torres said he jumped down: "In my heart, I feel the baby is still alive." He recalled seeing Ferni move under the train, look at her father, and say, "What happened to my daddy?"

Ferni was treated for minor injuries at Jacobi Medical Center. Balbuena-Flores's wife, Niurka Caraballo, told the Post, "Ferni was very close to him. After what happened, she is saying, ‘Daddy is in the hospital. He hurt his stomach.’"

The couple also have a 2-year-old son, and Caraballo said that her husband was depressed but on medication. She also said that before he jumped from the platform, while holding Ferni, he told her in Spanish, "Con dios, con dios, con dios que alli viene el tren" ("With God, with God, with God, here comes the train").

Caraballo is focused on Ferni, saying, "They are calling her the miracle girl. My daughter was reborn yesterday.”

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