A good Samaritan tried to save a woman who was being attacked on a subway platform this week—and he was subsequently shoved onto the subway tracks by the attacker. Jered Harvey, 19, was on his way home after class at Pace University just before midnight Thursday on the uptown 2/3 platform at the Fulton Street station when he saw the man beating the woman. “I could smell the alcohol on him,” Harvey told the Post. “When a drunk man is beating a woman and you try and stop him, of course he’s gonna swing at you.”

The alleged attacker, 29-year-old Rayfield Grant, punched Harvey and shoved him onto the subway tracks. “He threw me onto the tracks of the subway,” Harvey told CBS. “He was trying to box out to prevent me from getting up. I thought, best case scenario the train is coming, I can lie down in the drain.”

Thankfully, another straphanger distracted Grant, and Harvey was able to pull himself to safety before a train pulled in. Grant, who police say is homeless, was arrested soon after and arraigned Friday on charges of second-degree attempted murder and first-degree attempted assault.

Harvey escaped with only minor injuries, and the woman left the scene before police could determine what sparked the altercation. "I think it's really a testament to how much courage he showed in a situation," said pro poker player Olivier Busquet, Jered's stepfather. "My takeaway is how thankful I am that nothing worse happened than did. Because it could have been much worse than it was."