2007_01_dimoede.jpgRemember Dominick Diomede? He's the 94-year old man that was about to be evicted from the apartment that's been his home for the last twenty years. There was quite a discussion on our comments after Gothamist wrote about his plight.

Diomede was to leave the apartment by January 22nd, but a good Samaritan has come forward with $2000. The money will allow Diomede to stay in his current apartment until the end of February while he looks for a new place to live. The anonymous Samaritan also offered to help Mr. Diomede pay rent once he finds a new apartment.

The Brooklyn Paper reported yesterday that there has been an outpouring of support for Diomede. Carroll Gardens Councilman Bill DeBlasio is working to get Diomede a subsidized apartment from a Park Slope non-profit, strangers have offered cash assistance, and a Red Hook moving company has offered to move Mr. Diomede's limited possessions for free. Mr. Diomede, who wants to remain in the neighborhood --he was born on Luquer St. said, "There are many people out there trying to help. I really appreciate it."

Photograph by Gersh Kuntzman for The Brooklyn Paper