We thought it was bad enough that some cab drivers have been robbing sleeping passengers; it turns out, even if they didn't rob you, they may try to extort you, as one "Good Samaritan" taxi driver did recently.

A man accidentally left his cellphone in hack Eddy Brizard's cab last weekend; Brizard tracked him down to return the phone, and then demanded $20 for his troubles.The man said he didn't have cash, then tried to grab the phone through the front window, but Brizard caught his arm when he allegedly raised the window; Brizard then dragged him for several blocks through the East Village. Brizard was charged with robbery, assault and reckless endangerment, and his taxi license was suspended. And we can now add "refusing to be extorted" to our list of things which result in us getting dragged by cabbies.