Whole Foods is coming to Park Slope-- apparently they are moving into a large lot on the corner of 3rd Street and 3rd Avenue (not to be confused with Manhattan's 1st Avenue and 1st Street, which is the nexus of the universe!) That would all be fine, except on that very corner is the Pippin Building, a pimping throwback to an age of more elegant architecture. For the last few months it looked like Pippin was doomed to be consumed-- perhaps to be replaced by a large cheese section or frozen foods aisle. Callalillie has been following the development, and she tracked down the latest schematic for the market-- and lo and behold, the Pippin Building (upper left corner) seems safe! It'll probably be turned into million dollar lofts, but still, at least it won't be bulldozed! [Related: more Pippin pix by Callalillie.]