Looking to adopt a brave little kitten? Here’s one with an inspiring origin story. The tiny creature pictured above was spotted dodging traffic on the George Washington Bridge on Monday afternoon, the Post reports.

Fortunately, the kitten avoided peril and was rescued by “a good Samaritan motorist” somewhere near the lower level toll plaza of the bridge, according to the Port Authority Police. The real-life Homeward Bound situation came to an end when police arrived at the scene and took the kitty into custody. The cops have named the cat Highway (eh) and shared a photo of the animal being held by officer and “resident animal whisperer” Lauren Lattanzio, who cared for the kitten until arrangements were made to bring it to the shelter.

Highway is currently available for adoption at the Bergen County Animal and Adoption Center, which is in Teterboro, NJ. The animal is estimated to be around six weeks old; there’s no word on how he or she wound up in that dangerous situation in the first place. We’ve reached out to the animal adoption center for further comment and will update if we hear back.

On the list of adorable kittens recently rescued from perilous NYC-area situations, this one falls somewhere between the Brooklyn kitten rescued from beneath a sewer grate in April and the cat who survived an entire ride from Brooklyn to Harlem while clinging to the undercarriage of an SUV in December. All cats survived their respective plights.

We invite you (at no additional charge) to read this feel-good news story quietly into a bottle, seal it tightly, and save it for later when you find yourself back in the bleak news hole again.