2007_02_giuliani3.jpgFormer Mayor Rudy Giuliani visited South Carolina and said, "There's a real good chance" he'll run for President. While this doesn't sound like new news, it's apparently his "most succinct" comments (per the Times) to date about his 2008 ambitions.

But then he said he wasn't sure if he could make a "unique contribution" and his aides wouldn't comment further. Giuliani did, though, say, "The fact is I appeal to conservative Christians the way I appeal to everyone else. I don't think you have separate appeals to people."

Giuliani's delay in announcing his candidacy, should he run, has led to some speculation that he might spring the news during a trip to Sacramento. Giuliani will be the keynote speaker at the California Republican Convention, and the California Republican Party's spokesman Patrick Dorinson tells the NY Times, “It’s going to be very well attended. We’ve received a lot of media interest and members of the party are very excited about seeing Giuliani, so if he wanted to make an announcement, it certainly could be a place to do it.”

Photograph of Giuliani in New Hampshire last weekend by Jim Cole/AP