Last month, a 14-year-old Brooklyn boy was beaten and blinded in one eye by classmates in an apparent anti-gay attack. The family of 14-year-old Kardin Ulysse sued the city for negligence after the cafeteria beating at Roy H. Mann Junior High School in Bergen Beach. And now, two teens have been charged with a hate crime for the attack—but the maximium penalty they face is just 18 months in a juvenile facility if they're convicted. “I felt so bad, so horrible. The kids get to go home and our kid’s suffering with one eye,” the boy's father, Pierre Ulysse said, told reporters. “They’re not children. They are criminals. Children don’t do those kind of acts!”

Kardin had five surgeries and a corneal transplant since the June 5th attack; doctors still aren't sure whether he'll ever regain sight in that eye. According to the DOE incident report obtained by the News, two seventh-graders ages 12 and 13 attacked Kardin, calling him a "f-----g f----t," a "p----," a 'transvestite" and "gay." Kardin, who doesn't identify as gay according to his lawyer, was wearing a wig, that belonged to his mom at the time, for fun. A source told the News the beating was captured on surveillance video: "They gave him a real bad beating. They keep hitting him continually as (Kardin) is running around tables trying to get away."

The family has put the city on notice that they will file a $16 million negligence lawsuit for failing to supervise the cafeteria, regardless of the outcome of the case. “If there are gay slurs and insults hurled as someone, as what happened in this case, it doesn’t matter what their sexual orientation is—it’s a hate crime,” lawyer Sanford Rubenstein said. As for the two alleged attackers, they were released to their parents yesterday, who said they had never been in trouble with the law and described them as “good boys.”