2005_08_statecap.jpgApparently Senator John McCain in getting all up in New York's business by urging billionaire Thomas Golisano to run for NY governor again. AGAIN! You'll rememember Golisano from such failed campaigns such as his attempts to win the governorship in 1994, 1998, and 2002. Well, it certainly wouldn't be another election without him. And our current lame duck Governor Pataki is stopping by Iowa on his way to Asia. Yes, because those connections in Iowa are so common.

In the other part of state politics, we're kind of loving the growing list of things that Westchester DA and wannabe Hillary challenger Jeanine Pirro can be embarrased of her husband Albert, because it gets more and more absurd. Imprisonment for tax invasion? Check. Love child? Check. We're waiting for him to have a wardrobe malfunction next.