Rochester billionaire Tom Golisano does not want a state budget full of taxes and spending, so he threw down the gauntlet to state lawmakers, offering to bankroll them if they vote against it. Golisano said, "Legislators that we think act responsibly, or act independently of the speakers and the special interests, Responsible New York is here to support you. Because quite frankly, you don't have much support from these special interests and we're here to help." (Responsible New York is his political reform organization.)

Golisano suggested that he'd be open to "flip-flop" on Democratic candidates he previously supported (he spent $4 million last year) that would for the budget and support those who don't. But when asked how much he would spend, he said, "Oh, don't ask me that question." Golisano continued to sound the no taxes theme, "We're going in the wrong direction. The last thing you do in a recession is to raise taxes on your population. They need their money to survive," pointing out that just a few independent-minded Democrats were needed to break the majority in the Senate. He also thinks the secret budget negotiations are terrible.

Earlier this year, Golisano and Bloomberg were discussing revamping the Independence party.