Billionaire Tom Golisano penned a column in the NY Post today: "Why I Did It"—"it" being helping Republicans and two Democratic dissidents take over the State Senate. Golisano rightfully grouses that Albany has been dysfunctional for a while, but his big beef is how this year's secret budget process resulted in tax increases for the wealthy that prompted him to change his residency to Florida, "Nonetheless, I love New York and remained committed to finding a better way. [Golisano's political action group] continued our dialogue with senators from both parties. We found when these senators talked not about politics but about the state and their districts that they shared the same goals of creating jobs, improving education and providing opportunity for their constituents. We found two brave Democratic senators who were willing to put people above party and results ahead of rhetoric. As a result, this week, for the first time since that report appeared, something happened. Something changed. Reform has come to the New York state Senate." (See what reforms were enacted here.) Golisano also sends a warning to Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver, "Who's next? Hopefully there are some members of the state Assembly who are willing to put reform above party and the people above politics."