092308golf2.jpgAggressive drivers and mortified Hasidim aren't the only ones at odds with cyclists in New York City. Bike riders in Staten Island can now add golfers to their ever-expanding enemies list. The Staten Island Advance reports that golfers are incensed about a Parks Department plan to build a 3 1/2-mile bicycle path through parts of LaTourette Park, extending along the golf courses on the western end.

One anonymous duffer predicts the asphalt path will "destroy the golf course. You've got 300 golfers here every day and you may have 10 bicyclists on that path. How is that fair to golfers? It's going to take away the prestige of the golf course." Because nothing says prestige like public golf on Staten Island.

But the worse part is that they'd have to move the green for the 4th hole! Another anonymous golfer with a fondness for the third person explains, "The golfer fears that once the path is built, others are going to want to take additional chunks away for other amenities like dog runs." Then frisbee golf! And a horseshoe pit! It's clearly time to draw a line in the sand trap.