2007_08_marzulli.gifAre some teenagers behind those threatening letters to Goldman Sachs? The Daily News' John Marzulli received a four-page handwritten letter from the teens and their parents saying as much.

In June, some handwritten letters were sent to newspapers around the country, stating, "GOLDMAN SACHS. HUNDREDS WILL DIE. WE ARE INSIDE. YOU CANNOT STOP US." and signed A.Q.U.S.A. The letters were postmarked from Manhattan and Queens and received by local and community papers, but none of the U.S.'s top 10 papers. While officials did not believe the threats to be credible, the FBI had been investigating the matter because it's a federal crime to send threats through the U.S. mail.

The new letter, written in a style that looks very similar to the threat letter, claims that the teens were "misguided" and that one of their parents had a "financial beef" with Goldman Sachs. Here's an excerpt:

...We are now sitting here, six parents and three kids, scared out of our wits, since this idiotic, childish 'plot' unfortunately seems to have coincided with the horrendous events in England and Scotland and a renewal of fears of similar events in the U.S....

...The kids mailed 20 letters in the Bronx and 50 more in Queens. We are not going to say if any of the three kids involved lives in those boroughs, because we are too scared - both the parents and the kids.

While the FBI is not yet convinced that the new letter is truthful, the letter writers' mention of using furniture polish to remove fingerprints does sync with the FBI's tests.

You can see all four pages here.