Having payed back billions of taxpayer bailout dollars it borrowed and raked in $1.8 billion in profits last year, Goldman Sachs, that "vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity," is getting ready to pay record bonuses to its top executives. Anonymous bankers in Davos for the World Economic Forum (WEF) told The Times of London that Lloyd Blankfein and other top Goldman bankers are about to get record-setting bonuses. "This is Lloyd thumbing his nose at Obama," said an unidentified banker at one of Goldman’s rivals.

Last month President Obama proposed a tax and other regulations on Wall Street's biggest banking firms. The Times's sources say Goldman will pay Blankfein about $100 million in bonuses, which would eclipse his biggest bonus so far, the record $67.9 million he was paid in 2007. But put those pitchforks down—the payouts will be made in shares rather than cash "to make them more politically palatable," so it's all good!