According to police, a thief had such a good time when he broke into an elderly woman's Brooklyn apartment during the holidays, he decided to stay for a week! Bronx resident Toniquek Todman, 22, has allegedly admitted to police that he broke into the East Flatbush apartment on Christmas Eve, and decided to stay in the empty apartment till New Year's. “What a nut job. He should have been taken directly to Bellevue Hospital to get his head examined,” a law-enforcement source told the Post.

Todman allegedly told police he climbed up a fire escape at 82-year-old Joyce King’s building on East 46th Street in East Flatbush, and sneaked in through an unlocked window on Christmas Eve. During his stay, he raided her refrigerator for food, got stoned, slept in King's bed, and even hooked up an Xbox to play video games. “He was obviously having a ball. He left a bag of weed here too,” said a neighbor whom King had asked to keep an eye on her apartment—and didn't seem do a very good job of it. When King returned home Tuesday, she found him there and immediately called police; Todman is facing multiple charges, including burglary.