In some ways, Teresa Tambunting is just like us. The Daily News reports that the 50-year-old Scarsdale wife and mother had worried about the recession; a nephew said, "[Tambunting and her husband] were saying this was one of their worst years, but this year is [going to be] much better." But one way she's different is that she stole $12 million in gold coins from her employer, a Queens jewelry manufacturer—by way of hiding the coins in the lining of her purse—over six years. While Tambunting returned $800,000 worth of the coins to the company and investigators have found $7.3 million that she "allegedly kept stashed in 12 large plastic treasure chests in her home," about $4.7 million of the booty is missing. Tambunting's legal strategy may involve an "obsessive-compulsive disorder" defense.