Whoa whoa whoa: it seems the NY Post may have been a tad hasty in giving the entire state of New Jersey over to Tim Tebow. The ink isn't close to drying yet on this Tebow-to-Jets trade, and it may have just hit a major snag: the Broncos and Jets have encountered a hang-up in the language in Tebow's contract that could nullify the trade, a Broncos source told ESPN. Is the hang-up that Mark Sanchez has been sending him threatening text messages all afternoon?

The dispute revolves around the fact Tebow has about $5 million worth of recapture language in his contract—if the Jets are unwilling to pay back some money to Denver, the deal could die. If the deal does fall apart, Tebow could end up being dealt to the St. Louis Rams, the source added.

On the plus side—if the deal fails—George R.R. Martin won't choke on anymore coffee. And Tebow can avoid having to deal with the "charitable girth" of foul-mouthed Rex Ryan, who as we all know, only worships at the altar of feet. On the down side, the Huffington Post went to a lot of trouble to introduce New Yorkers to Tebow. And a lot of Jets fans have embarrassed themselves for nothing.