Would you pay $60 or $100 for single game tickets to see the Knicks? Would you pay more than $84,000 for season tickets? No, nobody would do that in their right mind. But a Manhattan man claims that a Connecticut man agreed to buy his season tickets for just that amount, and now the man won't pay up.

William Blank is taking attorney Martin Licht to court, claiming he took advantage of him because Licht agreed to pay $42,000 a year for the season tickets, and Blank would never have renewed his season subscription without that guarantee. Whether they're in 3D or not, it seems like nobody really wants to deal with the Knicks. Even Mayor Bloomberg admitted in a radio interview yesterday that the Knicks are God-forsaken: "In the morning on the subway, only once has somebody screamed at me as the door closed. The guy looked at me and said, "Fix the Knicks!" Even God can't do that."