Last week bags containing animal parts were discovered in Prospect Park, upping the body count of slaughtered animals discovered there this year. But then an albino squirrel was spotted in the park, alive and well, and we forgot all about the gruesome discoveries... until now.

According to the Brooklyn Paper (they have photos), a goat head believed to belong to one of the dismembered bodies found last week, has now been found.

The paper reports that the head was covered in orange wax, about 100 feet away from the parts found last week. The unlucky man who spotted it told them, “I was walking my dog, sending texts on my Blackberry, and then I saw it. I thought, ‘Man, is that the head?’ It’s gross.” Nearby were two plates, which were also both covered in wax, as well as food scraps, indicating a Santeria offering.

Be careful out there, albino squirrel.