A mohair goat speared Rep. Anthony Weiner during a press conference today, nicking his right hand with one of its pointy, foot-long horns and drawing blood. Weiner was holding the goat while speaking to reporters in a park near the Rayburn House Office Building in D.C., and at press time it seems his injuries are non-life threatening. In fact, according to The Hill, he doesn't even need stitches. But the incident highlights the risks of using live animals as props for publicity stunts. (Maybe Weiner should stick to models.)

The press conference was called to highlight Weiner's demand that the government cut subsidies to the mohair goat farming industry, which received nearly $1 million last year. The subsidies began in the 1950s "when the government worried about being able to provide enough material for military uniforms, which were made of wool," the Wall Street Journal reports. But mohair hasn’t been a key material in uniforms since 1960, according to Weiner, who has vowed to stop wearing wool until the House strikes the mohair subsidy from an upcoming agricultural appropriations bill. But after today's traumatic events, we doubt he'll ever be able to don wool again.