Who needs hockey when you can have soccer? The recently reborn New York Cosmos has proposed to build a $400 million, privately funded, 25,000-seat North American Soccer League stadium at Belmont Park in Elmont Long Island, Newsday reports. This stadium is not to be confused with the Major League Soccer stadium that has been pitched for Flushing Meadows.

"It will become a destination and it will put Elmont on the map," Seamus O'Brien, chairman and chief executive of the Cosmos, told Newsday on Tuesday. "It will become a facility that will be renown, not just in North America but worldwide." Local politicians, meanwhile, hope the project could make up for some of what Long Island will lose after the Islanders relocate across the island to Brooklyn for the 2015-16 season.

"I made it clear from the start: We'll look to build our own home," O'Brien told SI.com making digs at the proposed MLS stadium in Queens. "We'd evaluated a number of sites within greater New York City. ... It's a state tender, so we're responding to an RFP, not trying to stick the stadium somewhere else. It's in a neighborhood that's effectively zoned as a sports facility with great transportation linkage, road and rail straight in, and a huge car parking [area]."

In addition to the stadium, team officials hope to build a 60,000-square-foot "restaurant row" with nine eateries, a 175-room hotel, a community center, community soccer fields worth $2.5 million, a footbridge to connect portions of the site and more. They also hope that the LIRR will make the Belmont station, normally only open on a limited basis for races, open for soccer events.

The Cosmos proposal was sent to the State Economic Development Corporation on Friday and now has to work its way through a reviewal process there. If it gets the green light, however, officials hope to break ground early next year. And for now it has some good support: "It's something that the community wants and definitely needs," Sandra Smith, chairwoman of the Elmont Coalition for Sustainable Development, said. "It exceeds all of our expectations."