vis_sat_intellicast.jpgOne of these days Gothamist is going to look into how the myth that you can balance an egg on end only on the equinox got started. But not today. Anyway, astronomical spring arrives at 1:26 this afternoon with another red flag warning. Strong winds and low humidity are again raising the possibility of rapidly spreading brush fires. Ironically, today will be colder than about two-thirds of this past winter.

Another fascinating winter fact: Even though Central Park has measured 39.9 inches of snow this season there have only been five days with measurable snow. Another tenth of an inch will give us at least 40 inches of snow for four consecutive snow seasons (the current three in a row is a record). The storm that is bringing rain to the southeast might bring us a few flurries tomorrow. However, it is going to run into an immovable object —a high pressure system moving in from Manitoba— and will likely stay to our south. As the high pressure moves to our east we can finally get a little warmth our way. Temperatures should approach 50 by the end of the week.

Another way to find weather is to head to the Big Island of Hawai'i. Temperatures are expected to be near 80 close to the shore and mid-60s at elevation all week. As is typical, scattered and isolated showers are expected every day.

This morning's visible satellite image from