The State Senate failed to pass a measure rescuing the city's Off Track Betting operation, which has struggled for years. The Times Union reports, "The 29 to 21 voted proceeded mostly on party lines, as leaders of the Senate Democratic conference pushed approval the bill, which was drafted by Gov. David Paterson and passed the Assembly late last month. The bill failed because it did not have 32 yes votes, the bare majority needed for passage."

Republicans weren't fond of the bill, and Democratic State Senators Kevin Parker (legal problems) and Pedro Espada Jr. (Pedro problems). State Senator Eric Adams (D-Brooklyn) said, "A no vote on this bill lights the wick to a stick of dynamite that will blow up our racing industry. Today it's New York City OTB, tomorrow it's Nassau, Monticello and other regions. We owe this to the employees of OTB."

Over 50 OTB locations in NYC will close and hundreds will be laid off. One worker told the Daily News, "It's horrible. I am a single mother with three kids. This is how I support my family." Her next plans? ""Unemployment I guess…there are no jobs out there."