It's getting hot in the city's Democratic Party. The NY Times reports that City Council Speaker Gifford Miller's election team has a memo outlining ways to attack other possible Democratic mayoral hopefuls. In a nutshell, former Bronx Borough Prez Fernando Ferrer hasn't been doing anything for NYC lately and Congressman Anthony Weiner is ineffectual and has a weak record. When asked by the Times if he would attack Miller, Weiner said, "I come from Brooklyn and I've never backed down from a fight before."

The story also notes that Miller doesn't have any ammo against City Councilman Charles Barron and Manhattan BEEP (Borough President) C. Virginia Fields; Gothamist imagines it's because they haven't raised much for their campaigns, relative to Miller, Ferrer and Weiner. And in other mayoral news, the Mayor unveiled his new tax plan that would benefit working class New Yorkers - always a good thing to do in an election year - but it turns out the NYC GOP is annoyed at Bloomberg for veering away from the Republican Party. Oh, give Gothamist a break - the man brought the convention here and he's trying to win a re-election - he's a politician, yo!