It's bad enough that climate change is spiking our sea levels and turning spring and fall into distant memories, but now, it's possible global warming is batting for the enemy in the endless Rat War.

The New Republic has reported that cities like New York, Washington D.C. and Chicago are experiencing worrisome spikes in rat complaints and infestations. In our fair town, calls to the extermination company Orkin apparently rose 129 percent from 2013 to 2015, and though rats have long been part of NYC's landscape, at least one expert says things are getting much, much worse. "I travel all over the world with this animal, and the amount of complaints and feedback and questions I hear right now are all, 'We’ve never seen rats in the city like this before,'" noted rodentologist Bobby Corrigan told TNR. "They’re all expressing the same concern: Our rat problem is worse than ever."

The culprit? Global warming, potentially. "I personally feel there is a connection with climate change, just because of logic and the biology of rats’ reproductive cycle," Corrigan said. "Global climate change fits into this discussion in some measurement. How much, I’m just not sure."

Scientists have speculated for some time that warmer winters are contributing to rat baby booms, since rats tend to breed less in cold weather. The shorter the cold season, the more time rats have to make new rats. Two breeding-ready rats can spawn an extended family of 482 million rats in just three years, according to TNR, which means it's just a matter of time until the Upper West Side is lost to the rodents for good.

Last month, Mayor de Blasio pledged to spend $32 million to combat the city's rat population, but if climate change is compounding the issue, we'll need more action on a federal level—both to combat rats directly, and to mitigate global warming. Rats carry a staggering number of diseases and they're incredibly hard to control, much less eradicate.

In the end, Zardulu will have the last laugh, and the rest of us will be eaten by rats, as foretold in this old David Lynch PSA: