One57, one of the luxury skyscrapers on the so-called Billionaire's Row, has already gained notoriety for breaking the record for most expensive apartment sold in NYC (over $100 million), and also for being a giant homing beacon for lonely billionaires. Unless your name is Mr. Burns or Jeff Bezos, it's unlikely you'll ever see inside the building in the flesh. And you certainly won't be able to afford the most expensive rental unit in NYC.

The Post reports that the 4,483-square-foot pad on the 65th floor of One57 has been put on the market for $150K/month, making it the most expensive in the city. Among its many amenities: three bedrooms, 4 & 1/2 bathrooms, floor-to-ceiling windows with views of Central Park, rosewood flooring in a French Herringbone pattern, the ability to know what French Herringbone patterns look like off-hand without having to Google them, fine imported natural stones, the excuse to tell people that you own fine imported natural stones in casual conversations, and the ability to look down upon the scurrying masses below as they go to their "jobs" and eat their "street food."

Technically speaking, this is only the fifth most expensive rental unit in the city according to StreetEasy, BUT the other four are all located in hotels (two at the Pierre for $500K and $400K per month, and two at the Surrey for $450K and $300K), and what kind of jabroni lives in a hotel (besides Larry David)?

If all these six digit numbers are making you feel faint, then you can counter the excess wealth by taking a tour below of a 100-square-foot Upper West Side rental. At the end of the day, this is just another place you'll never live, but at least it doesn't hurt quite so much.