Who has been stealing Glenn Beck's NY Times? It might be that Henderson kid, but it's October, didn't he go off to Wesleyan already? Glenn Beck would find out but he is tired. Running a radio show and a taped internet radio show and a denim company and a giant media conglomerate is hard, so you don't always have time to dash out into the cul-de-sac and grab your NY Times in the morning and then 10 days later some intern asks if you read that article in the Times that says the next mayor of New York City is pretty much a communist Marxist socialist terrorist and why didn't anyone tell Glenn?!?

So you get a segment together. No teleprompter—you're not Obama—no shave, no script. This is what you do. This is your job. The truth leaps out of your mouth if you believe it will.

De Blasio. De Blasio won because of Weiner! "I think this theory...um...holds water."

OK, bumpy start, two nearly identical intros (Why didn't we cut that down?) but that's fine. Finish strong. Keep your hands out of your pockets and maybe don't sway around too much—that's it, it's coming back now.

"He's the guy who makes Michael Bloomberg look like Sam Adams." Ha haaaaaaaa Glenn you still got it, baby!

"So how does a Marxist communist with a history of supporting terrorism get elected to mayor of New York City?" You'll just have to listen to Glenn (and read the New York Times) to find out.