Glenn Beck has been warning us about Bill de Blasio's "Marxist communist with a history of supporting terrorism" agenda for weeks now, but we didn't listen. We just wouldn't listen. And now that de Blasio has won ushering in a thousand years of The Bad Old Days, Beck is doing everything he can to save what little of New York state he can: "This is a city that has gone insane, and you are going to be held responsible for it,” Beck declared this week. “If I were in New York State right now, I would be filing for a motion to secede from New York City."

Beck struggled to watch de Blasio's entire victory speech on air, punctuating various parts by waxing poetic over the last "strongman" mayor, Rudy Giuliani ("Somebody who's gonna take care of them"), trembling at the scourge of "progressivism," and tsk-tsking de Blasio for thinking inequality is an important issue. Why couldn't we have just listened to Beck and avoided this hellscape reality which we now face? We have no excuses:

And when it comes to de Blasio, the guy is a communist. That was out. Everybody knew. In New York, you have no excuse. This guy is going to make your life a living hell. For anybody who is working in New York and is too young to have lived through New York in the 1970s, do yourself a favor, go ahead and do some research on what it was like to live in New York before Rudy Guiliani… You won’t even be able to travel to that city soon. He will destroy it. New York will become the next Detroit, if they don’t stop it at some point.

You can go here to watch Beck's entire rant, or you could watch Axl Rose ask for some reggae. Spoiler alert: Axl is less of a waste of time.

[h/t Runnin Scared]