Glenn Beck was in top form on his Fox News show yesterday, as he railed against the House's passage of health care reform. When not slamming the "California hippie, Marxist, communist, socialist progressives with flowers in the barrels of guns, sitting around smoking dope and talking about how they can destroy the evil American empire," he mocked how Democrats were calling the bill historic.

Questioning whether this moment could stand up to the likes of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, World War II soldiers, civil rights activists, astronauts, and 9/11 first responders and passengers aboard Flight 93, Beck said, "They say this bill is historic and that Sunday was a historic day. I think they're exactly right. But you know what other days were historic? Pearl Harbor; Neville Chamberlain meeting with Hitler; Jimmy Carter's presidency, and, of course, the Hindenburg in flames."

Where's Jon Stewart on all this? And on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh said, "We need to defeat these bastards," said Rush Limbaugh. "We need to wipe them out. Defeat the Democrats, every one of them that voted for this bill."