A baby's head was cut today when a window shattered in a downtown Brooklyn building, raining glass down on the street below. Awl cofounder Choire Sicha bore witness to the alarming incident, which occurred shortly before 4:30 p.m. at the corner of Willoughby Street and Lawrence.

The glass "made two huge crashes on the ground," Sicha tells us, explaining that "a woman walking by with baby in stroller was baffled for a while, then made a phone call." At first it appeared that the child was unharmed, but then an FDNY ambulance appeared on the scene:

Police unfurled the caution tape:

But the caution tape has since been (mostly) removed! An FDNY spokesman confirmed that the child sustained cuts to the head from the falling glass, but added that the injuries were non-life threatening. The Fear, however, will last a lifetime.

The building's address is 81 Willoughby Street, and the ground floor is home to ASA College. It's not immediately clear who occupies the top floors, nor is it clear what caused the incident. But this is exactly why everyone is fleeing Brooklyn and the Internet.