2007_01_rudyprezplans.jpgIt's a late holiday gift for us all - "140 pages of printed text, handwriting and spreadsheet" explaining the inner-workings of Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign! The Daily News' Ben Smith has the scoop on the secret plans, thanks to what can only be called a major mistake:

The document was obtained by the Daily News from a source sympathetic to one of Giuliani's rivals for the White House. The source said it was left behind in one of the cities Giuliani visited as he campaigned for dozens of Republican candidates in the weeks leading up to the November 2006 elections.

Giuliani spokeswoman Sunny Mindel suggested there were political dirty tricks behind the loss of the documents and called the timing suspicious.

"I wonder why such suspicious activity is occurring and can only guess it is because of Rudy's poll numbers in New Hampshire and Iowa," Mindel said.

Nice work, Sunny, but let's face it, should Giuliani staffers be practically handcuffed to those notebooks?

The notebooks describe fund-raising plans ($100 million in 2007, fund-raising offices in NY, Washington, and California), as well as "potentially 'insurmountable' personal and political vulnerabilities," like Bernard Kerik, ex Donna Hanover, and being liberal in the GOP. And it also suggests that the Giuliani campaign has been slow to get its act together, relative to the progress Senator John McCain has made. Hmm, maybe Giuliani will be VP material after all.

Smith also has a look at Giuliani's schedule. For instance, Rudy gets $100,000 per speech, the question is whether he'll devote the time to a presidential race. And on his blog, Smith says that the dossier was not left behind in a hotel (even though the cover says that). So no hotel employees will be fired, we guess.