Perhaps Rudy Giuliani didn't get to reign over 9/11 Town eternally like some mayors we know, but it looks like he's working his way back to Gracie Mansion via one feisty former MTA Chairman.

Giuliani, who was former MTA Chairman Joe Lhota's boss once upon a time, has been pushing him to jump into the race, talking Lhota up to his old supporters and having his old campaign team craft some strategies for him. He's also worried that NYC will go back to the bad old days of crime and recession, telling the NY Times, "It was the same concern of mine in 2001, before Sept. 11. Because I felt like after eight years of the reforms we had, particularly the fiscal reforms, if the city went back into the hands of the usual Democratic politicians, it would be run in the usual Democratic political way."

Lhota's last day as Subway Overlord was yesterday, and he's still being coy about whether or not he'll run for mayor in 2013. But if he does decide to run, expect to see a lot of Giuliani, who will reportedly be "a highly visible presence on the campaign trail," so we can all look forward to an election season filled with Yankees baseball caps, copious 9/11 references, horrible Godfather impressions and maybe just a little bit of underlying racism. Bring it, 2013.