The dust-up over Rudy Giuliani's waffling over abortion is small political beans in comparison to a liability he cannot possibly shrug off. Rudy Giuliani is an unapologetic Yankees fan, and people outside of NYC (and some within the confines of the city) HATE the Yankees. With a passion. There's a fabled Broadway musical called "Damn Yankees!" and it's not about Paul Revere or George Washington. To the hometown fan and natural supporter, Giuliani's support for the Yankees (and he appeared at the Mets home re-opener following 9/11, which preceded the Yanks') seems like a no-brainer and genuine. Other policiticans from parts farther afield have donned Yankees caps and looked ridiculous.

But Giuliani is no longer stumping in the Bronx, and his Yankees boosterism is proving to be a liability. The former mayor's been in Texas this week, where the term Yankee is more of a dig than an identification. In Houston, former Mayor Giuliani made the mistake of pointing towards a baby in the audience of his Houston Baptist University address. He admired the child's I ♥ NY t-shirt, but added that it could also use a Yankees cap. Given that the Yankees had just pirated away their hometown boy, Roger Clemens, that may have seemed like something Giuliani would want to keep under his own cap, at least until he left town. The audience in Houston was otherwise receptive to Giuliani, but booed vociferously at the mention of the Bronx Bombers.