2007_04_giulianiyankee.jpgThough Rudy Giuliani may have been thrilled to have raised $15 million toward his presidential campaign during the first quarter, it turned out to be quite a bit less than the total haul by Republican rival Mitt Romney. The former Massachusetts governor raised a whopping $23 million. However, Giuliani's team says that the former mayor raised $10 million in March alone, and Rudy himself said, "If I could do it all over again, I would have started three months earlier."

Giuliani also took the time to admonish the media for going after third wife Judi and instead offered himself up: "There's plenty to attack me about. Please do it. But maybe, you know, show a little decency." Enter former Public Advocate Mark Green, who said in the Daily News, "That Kerik is a serial lowlife is something Giuliani will have to answer for, and not simply shout '9/11!' whenever he's questioned about his competence or career." (The story was about Rudy's pitfalls.)

But if you want to attack Giuliani on his handwriting alone, he's a "powerful, energized guy" according to former handwriting coach Amelia McKenney. (Apparently, corporate types get handwriting coaches - it's like third grade all over again!) She told the Washington Post, "He's got a lot of self control, discipline, the way he crosses his T's. The thing I like most is the openness with his letters. When people are dishonest, they put a lot of ticks in their oval letters. He has a lot of clean, open letters."

Photograph of Rudy Giuliani at yesterday's Yankees home opener before heading to New Hampshire by Kathy Willens/AP; Politco says Giuliani watched the game with pollster Frank Luntz