Something strange is happening to Rudy Giuliani. Though he's always been prone to bouts of insanity, his outbursts appear to be getting more and more outlandish, especially now that he's fully aligned himself with Der Orange Reichskanzler Donald Trump. Last night was no exception—Giuliani gave a bizarre interview with MSNBC's Chris Matthews in which he mixed up Trump and Ronald Reagan, claimed Hillary Clinton worked for the FBI, claimed Clinton was responsible for the birther movement that claimed Obama wasn't born in the U.S., lauded that birther movement, but finally admitted Obama really was born here. All this madness, by the way, was part of an interview about Clinton's mental and physical health, but it seems like he and Matthews were focusing on the wrong mind.

Below, you can see Matthews yell at poor, lost, muddled Giuliani about Trump and the birther movement—Giuliani claimed Trump "now confirms that" Obama was born in the United States, though Trump hasn't actually made any public statements/tweets about that. Matthews also did not take kindly to Giuliani's assertion that the " issue was raised originally by Hillary Clinton’s campaign." Watch Giuliani's little mind crumble around the one-minute mark:

Giuliani also freaked out about Clinton's health (as he's been wont to do of late) because he once saw her cough a little. "I thought there were [signs of illness] the day before when she coughed for about, I don't know, 15 minutes and then coughed on the airplane and then spit something up," he said, prompting Matthews to jab, "You have no evidence that she’s ill but you say she’s ill. What is that? You don’t think like that." Indeed, most people don't think like that, but when your mind is warped enough to believe you're the Great Black Savior because you put a bunch of people of color in jail, it's hard to reason like a Normal.

Indeed, though Giuliani's convinced Clinton's at death's door because she looks kind of tired, the rumor train suggests Giuliani himself may be...not quite right...considering he keeps making silly brain farts on national television. Or maybe he's just so excited about his favorite upcoming holiday, he can't keep his facts straight.