2006_04_giuliani.jpgIf there was one thing the sentencing trial of Zacarias Moussaoui needed, it's having Rudy Giuliani testifying about the horrors of September 11. The NY Post practically makes it a marquee event, saying that Giuliani will go "eyeball to eyeball" with the "Evil Zac." If only the trial were broadcast on Court TV - this would be some fascinating TV, with Moussaoui's glowering and Giuliani's dramatic retelling of the events of the day. The federal prosecutors are also expected to play the cockpit recording of Flight 93 for jurors - and the recording may finally be released to the public after that. Most victims' families want Moussaoui to die, but the Daily News has a quote from one Flight 93 victim's mother, Alice Hoglan: "I believe he's a filthy and despicable human being, but he shouldn't be executed. We in America should ... demonstrate mercy toward this man who failed so miserably to demonstrate his humanity toward us." She adds she doesn't want him to become a martyr, and will be testifying for the defense.

What do you think of giving Moussaoui the death penalty? Gothamist thinks he should be punished, but we're not sure if the death penalty is the right message. And it seems like any ruling could be caught up in appeals, anyway.