Rudy Giuliani may have exited the presidential campaign, but that doesn't mean he's disappeared. For starters, we hope those Rudy Giuliani campaign staffers who gave up their paychecks feel good about this: According to the Washington Post, Giuliani's campaign paid his firm Giuliani Partners $60,000 in rent and paid Giuliani Security & Safety $300,000 for security. We don't understand why he stopped running - it's a perfect way to convert donations into revenue! Well, his lawyer told the WaPo that Giuliani "recused himself from taking profits. His portion would be donated to charity."

It's unclear what will happen to Giuliani Partners, because many senior executives have left and Giuliani himself may be campaigning a lot. Various consulting and political types weigh in to the NY Times about Giuliani's post-failed- presidential-campaign life; former Pataki administration official Michael McKeon says that Giuliani's star power has gone "from a 9 to a 7," but many think in the long-run, he'll be fine.

And last night, Giuliani and the Republican candidate he's endorsing, John McCain, appeared on the Tonight Show. You can see the episode here, but basically Giuliani was the surprise guest, per the LA Times Top of the Ticket blog, "Jay [Leno] started to ask about Giuliani's failed campaign and the ex-mayor said, 'Do we have to?'" Hee!

Above is Jon Stewart's reaction to Giuliani's dropping out of the race.