Yesterday, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani testified at the death penalty trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, telling jurors about what he saw, thought and felt on September 11, 2001. He described seeing people jump from the World Trade Center towers and said, "By the time the second plane hit, we knew it was a terrorist attack. This was war. This was a battle." Giuliani didn't look at Moussaoui much, but Moussaoui did watch Giuliani. Family members of September 11 victims also spoke during the day. Moussaoui's lawyer described his client as a minor player in Al Qaeda suffering from mental illness; Moussaoui did yell, "Burn in the USA!" during a break.

The NY Times looks at Giuliani's possible presidential leanings: His biggest stumbling blocks within the Republican Party would be his liberal views of gun control, abortion and gay rights (he stayed with a gay couple when he was separated - while in office - from Donna Hanover), but he is poweful when it comes to national security issues. One fact Gothamist liked: Being a hyped candidate for President has been good for Giuliani Partners.

Photograph from the AP