In a decision that insiders say could prove once and for all that Rudy Giuliani isn't seriously considering another run for office, the former Mayor has accepted a long-term job as a security consultant for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Giuliani — who has been mentioned as a possible Republican challenger to Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand — took the gig on Thursday in the seaside city, which has been racked with street crime after beating out Chicago to host the games. Last month, there were more than 40 murders in the city, including the deaths of three police officers who were killed when gangsters shot down their helicopter. According to the Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes, Giuliani is "going to help us in day-to-day security and, especially, with an eye toward the [2010] World Military Games and the Olympic Games."

The former Mayor declined to talk about his political ambitions, but he willingly shared some of his crime-fighting acumen with the press. "You have to pay attention to big and small things," Giuliani told reporters after touring a shantytown. "And you also have to make the community safer, cleaner, healthier — plus educating the children." He also noted that the reduction of crime in New York didn't happen overnight. "It wasn't done in a day, a year or two years," he said. The long-term nature of the Brazil job, which is officially contracted to his firm Giuliani Security & Safety, doesn't officially preclude him from running for the Senate, but sources say it's a sign he isn't planning on running. Republican insider Gerry O'Brien told the Daily News that so far, he doesn't "see any real hard evidence that the guy is pursuing either Governor or Senator."