One of the most anticipated speakers during the Republican National Convention was our former mayor, Rudy Giuliani, and last night, he brought it for the Republicans, attacking Kerry, lauding Bush, and plucking the September 11 heartstrings. Congratulations, Rudy, you're that much closer to being more acceptable to the GOP's heartland. The NY Times notes that his crowdpleasing speech "fuels speculation" that he may be the frontrunner for the 2008 election. The Daily News' Michael Goodwin notes Giuliani's speech was the "essence of the Republican case, both for George W. Bush and against John Kerry." Now, Gothamist thinks Giuliani is an effective speaker. Our associations with him are generally good (we like the order he brought to the city - police brutality notwithstanding). And getting rid of the combover was an excellent follicle decision. However, the speech gave us heartburn. This was not exactly the wacky, cross-dressing Mayor of years past: It's the new Rudy 2008.

What did you think of Giuliani's speech?