2007_03_rudijudibabs.jpgSet your DVRs, because tomorrow night's 20/20 should be a doozy. The Barbara Walters interview with Rudy and Judith Giuliani will air, and they talk about marriages (and divorces), their first meeting ("instant" attraction), and how Rudy would be fine if Judi sat in on policy meetings at the White House. Oh, yes. According to ABC News' preview, Giuliani says, "If [the meetings] were relevant to something that she was interested in. I mean that would be something that I'd be very, very comfortable with."

And, as with any Giuliani interview, September 11 is featured prominently.

Sept. 11 introduced Rudy to America and the world, and changed many people's views of him. Judith said it changed him as well.

"I was there with Rudy shortly after the second attack. … And remained with him throughout the next several days," she said. "And the things that we saw, Barbara. … Unspeakable horrors. … There isn't [any] human being that could possibly go through that experience. … And not be changed."

Judith was constantly by the mayor's side during the aftermath of the attack. Asked whether she thought she was helpful, she replied, "I hope so. We'll let him answer that."

Rudy did answer that question, when he joined the interview to talk about the woman he clearly adores.

"Nobody will ever know all the things she did to get me and the city through Sept. 11," he said. "She said, 'I'm not leaving your side.' And I said, 'OK, well if you're going to be here, you're going to go to work."

He put Judith in charge of getting information from all of the hospitals. She helped deal with the victims' families and also helped start the Twin Towers fund.

So, basically Judi was the phantom First Lady of the City - take that, Donna Hanover! Anyway, the Giulianis seems totally schmoopy with each other, so that's nice. For them.

And Giuliani says that U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is being judged too harshly and should be given "the benefit of the doubt." This, from a man who judged modern art and decided to shut it down.