2006_06_rudycubs.jpgWhat the heck? The Crain's reports that Rudy Giuliani and a team of other investors may make a bid to buy the Chicago Cubs. Hall of Fame Cubs shortstop Ernie Banks ("Let's Play Two!") is interested in buying the team, though current owner, the Tribune Co. claims the team is not for sale (in spite of other scuttlebutt that Mark Cuban may be interested in the Cubs as well). And Banks says Giuliani Partners and LA-based Comstock Capital approached him about the deal, but neither firm would confirm that much.

Naturally, the Post gets its panties in a bunch, freaking out that the Yankees' number one fan might try to buy a non-Yankee team, but the Cubs are in the National League, so it more of a "Suck It, Mets!" diss. One far left field hypothesis is that Giuliani is looking for a Midwest foothold, as he thinks about a Presidential bid. Thinkg about that famous Cubs-and-Yankee-lovin' politician - Senator Hillary Clinton.