Former mayor Rudy Giuliani was in New Hampshire, making it known he wants to be a presidential contender. The NY Times says he sounds "nearer than ever to being a presidential candidate" while speaking to Republican delegates, telling them, "when I promise you things, if I do, when I do, as I do, I'll promise them because I've done them before." He was "unusually formal" during the speech, "staying behind a lectern," whereas he "normally walks around the stage...joking and making matter-of-fact arguments." But it gets better than that:

“When I say to you that we should reduce taxes to stimulate the economy, I’ll say it to you because I did it and I saw it work. When I say we have to bring peace and security as sort of the beginning of anything, whether it’s in Baghdad or in other parts of the world or here at home, I’ll say that to you because I saw that happen in New York, and I made it happen. I did it.”

Dude, way to put NYC's crime on the same level of what's going on in Iraq! It's still unclear whether Giuliani has the power of other candidates to go all the way, and we have to say, Rudy's best bet is to shoot for a VP position or wait to be appointed Homeland Security head, if he really wants a cabinet position (but he'd make more money on the speech circuit).

In the meantime, Senator Hillary "I'm in. And I'm in to win." Clinton was in Iowa, shaking hands, kissing babies and all that. Apparently Iowans "like to see candidates up close and personal," but all the reporters and photographers could be troublesome. Which leads to a hilarious quote that University of Virginia's Larry Sabato gave to the Daily News, "She's trying the intimate, living room approach, but how do you do that with 400 reporters following you? She's like a zoo animal in a cage with people going by to take a look and then talking about the aardvark they've just seen." Quick, to Photoshop Hillary's head on an aardvark!

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Photograph of Rudy Giuliani - with wife Judi by his side - in New Hampshire by Jim Cole/AP