Hmm. Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani is going around the country to help raise money for other Republican candidates. The AP reports that he was in Cleveland for Senator Mike DeWine last night, and today, he'll be in Arkansas for Asa Hutchinson (running for governor) as well as in Pennsylvania for Senator Rick Santorum and the All-Star Game. Then tomorrow he'll be at fundraisers for Lynn Swann, running for governor of Pennsylvania, and Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich. Yeah, we did the "Ugh, Santorum, really?" too, but apparently Giuliani is keen to support him because of his commitment to national security. Okay, we get that national security is a big issue, but being able to view other Americans as people is a big issue to us. The scuttlebutt is that the fact that Rudy is visiting Arkansas, Ohio and Pennsylvania means that he's strongly considering a presidential run.

The AP article pits Giuliani's controversies (being pro-gay rights, pro-choice, married three times, friend/patron of Bernard Kerik) against his golden hour as "America's Mayor," but we imagine Giuliani is way more palatable from Mayor Bloomberg as a would-be candidate, though a Bloomberg war chest would be able to face Hillary's campaign trove. And there's chestnut of a quote from the Quinnipiac Poll's Maurice Carroll: "Rudy Giuliani on 9/11 became America's mayor and he's never going to lose it. Kerik could become a serial killer, and it wouldn't matter. Giuliani may lose elections at some point, but he'll never lose that identity."