Rudy Giuliani was not able to make it yesterday to the same-sex wedding of the couple that put him up for six months during his messy divorce from Donna Hanover in 2001—but at least he was gracious enough to have his secretary call on Thursday and let the couple know. Could the no-show have something to do with Rudy's recent public push against gay marriage in a move to potentially gear up for a gubernatorial run next year? Rudy's stay at the apartment of Mark Hsiao and Howard Koeppel (pictured with the mayor) has gotten numerous mentions since Rudy's recent slam of Governor Paterson's proposal to legalize gay marriage. The Post mentions that Koeppel once said that Giuliani was a perfect roommate who "always made his bed" and "called me mother." The wedding is featured in today's Sunday Styles, where the couple discusses their famous houseguest, whose third wedding they attended in 2003.