Guess who is totally serious about having a diverse transition team? Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo! He started announcing his team last week, but he saved the big news for today: Cuomo has selected former mayor Rudy Giuliani as part of his public safety transition team.

The Daily News analyzes the choice: "By bringing Giuliani into the fold, Cuomo may be neutralizing the ex-mayor's potential to be a vocal critic of the incoming Democratic gov on all things security related. After all, if Giuliani helps pick Cuomo's public safety cabinet, how can he trash them later? At the same time, Giuliani's hard-line crime policies and his execution of them made him a hated figure in much of New York's African-American community - a powerful voting bloc whose leaders were less than impressed by this year's all-white statewide slate." You keep your friends close, your enemies closer!

Baruch College's David Birdsell says that in spite of Giuliani's baggage, Cuomo "picks up more of an upside bump from his reach across the aisle than he does to antagonize the African-Americans in his base." And Giuliani's colleague said, "Rudy Giuliani has a long history of public service and is proud to put his expertise in public safety to use for the benefit of all New Yorkers." Another member of the public safety transition team: Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.