The man who once supported federal control of gun ownership is sticking to his most recent attitude toward firearms: let the locals decide. Former mayor Rudy Giuliani appeared on CNN's The Situation Room yesterday where he shared his views on the failed federal gun measure that would have legalized concealed weapons in 48 states, including New York. As Politico notes, when asked by Wolf Blitzer whether Rudy is happy the measure failed, Giuliani answered: "I think it's the best situation. I think we're left—by its not passing, we're left with cities and states within constitutional limits, making their own decisions. And I think that's better." Giuliani explained he believes local control of gun laws is necessary because of varying "conditions" around the country. Of course, that's not consistent with the position he had back in the early 1990s—when he helped President Clinton lobby Congress for a national ban on assault weapons and other gun control measures—but it is consistent with his plans to stay in the Republican limelight for a 2012 presidential run.