On the final Friday of his mayoral campaign, Republican candidate Joe Lhota brought out the big gun: Rudy Giuliani. And the Mayor of 9/11 wasted no time in saying that frontrunner and pinko Commie Bill de Blasio would send NYC back into a crime-ridden terrordome... and mentioning 9/11. Giualini lavished praise on his former deputy mayor, "He was my right-hand man during Sept. 11. The man he’s running against has no experience like that."

Giuliani told voters on Staten Island, "I don’t want 6 months from now people come and tell me, like they did after mayor Koch was defeated, ‘Mayor, we made a big mistake. What are we going to do about our city?’ because they are. Crime is going to go up, as dramatically as Joe predicts, we are going to see the economy of this City in terrible shape, and people are going to start saying they should have vote for Joe Lhota. Voters should realize that if they vote for Bill de Blasio, don’t come complaining in 6 months or a year from now."

He also cited the federal judges' decision to delay stop-and-frisk policing reform as a real gamechanger for Lhota. Noting how de Blasio has campaigned to reform stop-and-frisk, Giuliani crowed, "This has been the whole rationale for his campaign: ‘The police department’s terrible, the police department’s awful, we’re stopping all these people for no reason;’ the court of appeals has just basically said to him that is a bunch of malarchy."

The former mayor and one-time presidential hopeful told the SI residents to remember the Dinkins days, "I’ll remind the people of Staten Island: You wanted to secede. You wanted to leave New York City, things were so bad, You voted to secede because of the work of the administration he was a part of and he wants to bring back."

De Blasio said of Giuliani's remarks, "I'm not looking to him for advice on police-community relations."